Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, February 24, 2011

FIRST STRETCH MARK?!?! AH!!! Feb 24, 2011

Ok, today I noticed my very first stretch mark! Today is also...MY DUE DATE!!! That means I am writing this to send out energy and a message to the universe letting it know that I'M DONE BEING PREGNANT!!!! I've tried really hard to stay optimistic during this pregnancy, after all, I am living my purpose. I'm creating and fulfilling that which I know I was sent here to do. But believe me, being positive has been one of the harder parts of the past nine months. I was so sick the first tri-mester that I lost 20 lbs, the second tri-mester I had to get my gall-bladder removed, and the 3rd I've been trying to not LOSE MY MIND, because I'm still pretty sick. TODAY, however, is the day....After throwing up all night and finding my first stretch mark...it is time to have this little baby boy!!!! However, the best part about this pregnancy has been my super-amazing husband. I know I haven't even liked being around me being so sick and brain-dead, but he was a trooper and helped to really come back to reality and realize the good in it all. Next post that you read will have pictures of our handsome little boy!!!!

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