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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


What does a super mom look like to you?

Clean house

Homecooked healthy meals

Takes care of herself

Faithful with prayers and scripture study

Supports her husband

Has a schedule

Crafty and creative

Drives a Honda CRV

Plays the piano

Serves all around her

Puts her family first

Practices new hobbies

Wears an apron...yada yada yada

"If only" right? Well today I am grateful for my mom, who in my eyes IS super-mom. She came down to visit here last week and it was HEAVEN!!! While she was here we had a lot of time to talk and go on walks which is basically my favorite thing to do on Summer evenings. We made some super delicious new meals...LIKE...Toasted Ravioli with homemade marinara sauce, BOMB meatloaf (I don't really like meatloaf...but this was amazing), and homemade pop-tarts. It was a very scrumptious week! My mom is also the best grandma to all of her grandchildren. She watched Winn while I went and got some studying done which was SOOOO helpful! I'm a good student when my mom's around, and definitely not a good student when she's gone. My mom LOVES learning, she loves the outdoor, she loves trying new things and staying busy. She is NOT lazy, she is NOT unhappy, and worst of all...she does NOT live close by me. She was suppose to be living exactly 15 minuets away but because of her amazing-ness she is living with my sister in Washington who just lost her husband, and his helping her with her life and kids. Those kids love her and I think she is so wonderful for them in every way. She has dealt with so much the past couple of months and her life has taken a complete 180* turn and has kept a smile on her face and immovable faith in her life. Having said all of that, having her in my life makes this little guy means so much more to me. I never knew I could be so in love! I want him to have what I have, security, love, growth, kindness, confidence, truth...etc, etc, etc... I want to be a good MOM, and this week I feel like I missed the mark. Now I know every mom is not perfect, and it's easy to look at others and say, "I wish I was like that," or "I'm not as good as her." But what are the qualities you feel are most important or at least very important when it comes to being a mom? What makes you a good mom? What's on your list of "super-mom" traits? Really...I want to know!


  1. Ditto!!!

    You've certainly got a super-mom!!! I love being around your mamma too. Thanks for sharing her with all us Washington folks.

  2. I feel like a good mom when I put my kid's needs/wants before me. Like when I take the time to make my daughter a healthy lunch even though it takes longer and is more work. Or when I sit down and read them books rather than reading my own book.

    But...I think that I feel like the best mom when I teach my kids something new or compliment them and they smile proudly at me. Yep, making them feel good about themselves by helping them learn and grow is what makes me feel like the best mom EVER. :)

  3. Wow! You blog and facebook? By the way, it looks like Winn has red hair in the picture but I didn't notice that when I saw his cute little face!
    What was the questions again? Before I answer it (remember it) I have to agree that out of all the moms in the WORLD you do have the best one! Luckily I get to share her too, even if she doesn't live close to me also. The Cox's are lucky to have her there.
    I think a great "super-mom" trait is making your kids super because you're their mom. I'm not giving myself credit for this but I came home upset on Wednesday because I didn't think my own childrens Parent/Teacher conference went exactly how I wanted it to go. I realized as a teacher and a mom sometimes moms know best. Even over a teacher or a doctor or anyone else. So, I did my own parent teacher conference and celebrated how amazing they are. They have taken on Musical Express, two dance classes (Savannah), Tae Kwon Do twice a week (Seth), Activity Days, Scouts, Homework, and life. I couldn't be prouder of my super children. {How long can I type before it kicks me out?} Besides that I realize I can't be super mom and protect them all the time. I've tried and it doesn't work. So, instead I arm them with protect and oddly enough give them something to fight with (a sword = word of god = scripture) before they walk of our of house each day.
    Alright. I think I need to erase this. I hope it didn't come across like I was saying what I did but instead we all need to just act upon our own instincts and impressions because every super hero is different and together they will prevail!