Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, December 30, 2010


In October I was still having a lot of complications with my health in this pregnancy. After a lot of testing my mid-wife said that it was critical to the baby that I have my gall bladder removed. It was a pretty intense surgery and it took a long time to really recover. Luckily the baby was completely fine and so far my pregnancy continues to improve. Then Miles decided that he wanted to be just like me and get surgery too! So since his gall bladder was just fine he got "otoplatsty." Ok, really it's a surgery he has wanted his whole life. He basically got his ears pinned back. The surgery took about 2-3 hours and he had to wear a turban for a week afterwords, but other than that it has been healing quite nicely.

The night before his surgery I was feeling kinda sad because this was how I had known him since we were 13! I've always loved his ears and I wasn't ready to commit. haha I've always thought he was incredibly handsome! He assured me that this was something he really really wanted even needed in his life. So far this surgery has obviously given him some confidence that he felt was lacking. I've noticed a little more bounce in his step and he now wears hats! He HATED hats before. He looks amazing!

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